The work of the Grand Rapids Media Initiative & Film Incubator supports dynamic storytellers, capturing diverse Grand Rapids narratives from past and present about strategizing, organizing and building to thrive amidst the zero-sum mentalities, misdirections and/or niceties about issues of race and power in this region.

The mission of the Grand Rapids Media Initiative & Film Incubator (GR-MiFi):

  • To produce a broad range of films and stories of the highest possible quality
  • To provide hands-on learning experiences in all aspects of film production, management and film direction; including music scoring, multimedia presentation and technology integration.
  • To provide a program of educational experiences and apprenticeships in all aspects of filmmaking for youth and adults;
  • To celebrate the achievements of community residents by telling their stories;
  • To provide social & community value for community residents, supporters and partners;
  • To join with other community-based organizations with a history, youth or educational focus for mutual assistance, enrichment and media literacy programs.

GR-MiFi is creating a sustainable and long-term channel, pipeline and network for our community’s talents and stories to shine.

With our multiple collaborators, this creative space, filmmaking hub and business incubator aims to empower the voices and works of traditionally sidelined media, music and film creatives. We empower them with the skills, professional capacity and a network to engage in business and innovation with a local clientele as well as national and global platforms.


Our first film is a documentary project about the history of Black people in Grand Rapids and the strategies used in organizing to overcome...yet being continuously captured by institutional and structural racism aka “Managerial Racism.”

This project is based upon the book A City Within A City: The Black Freedom Struggle in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Dr. Todd E. Robinson.

Film incubators are a new and developing idea, and we are excited to be one of the pioneers. We are especially interested in the idea of a studio trust. We want our city to be known as a national pipeline for industry leaders seeking to diversify.

In addition, correcting the glaring opportunity gap when it comes to video production contracts in Kent County, GR-MiFi will enhance skills, demo reels, and networks of overlooked professionals and amateurs in our midst. Trainings, workshops, and apprenticeships will happen throughout and beyond our film production process as we build a client base of our own.

GR-MiFi, a registered Michigan non-profit and federal 501c3, is owner of the film A City Within a City.